Thursday, 30 May 2013

Sofa shopping...

No we haven't found a new house, no there is no news on that front. Boo. I wish there was. I'm totally ready to find our new home!

In the meantime we are testing and shopping for the furniture we know we will need (obviously not purchasing but we are shopping in hope). We had a lovely three seater/two seater set of leather sofas in our little house, but we sold the two seater prior to selling and turfed out the three seater when we moved as it had taken so much damage! I much prefer the idea of a sectional over two combination sofas. I love that 'corner' that the sectional creates, perfect spot for a cup of tea and a snuggle!

So we don't have a sofa AT ALL! We do however have a lovely ottoman that the sofa will need to go with as I am still loving this ottoman.

Since we are on a *bit* of a budget (read, major budget! There will be LOTS of DIY in this new house where ever it is!) after looking at Freedom furniture, West Elm, Plush sofas and Oz Design, I ended up at the old faithful - Ikea. Of course the blogosphere famous item I am looking at is the Karlstad sectional

This is the sectional in Sivik Gray which will be the colour we will go with. I would love white or the light light gray but with kids and potential pets that would just be a bit difficult, and I don't want to spend loads of time washing and replacing the covers etc.

I spoke to the lovely Katie of Deranchification as they have this exact sofa but in white. They are loving it one year in and the covers have been easy to wash and replace which is good. Their little boy loves climbing on it (as I am sure ours will too!) and it is super comfy to chill and relax on.

There are several other people out there in the blogosphere who have this couch! Here are a few...

So there ya have it! Any reviews for the Karl series from Ikea? What do you think of its look? I would flirt with changing out the legs..

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