Sunday, 5 May 2013

All packed up and moved out!

We had a beautiful break in Queensland. It really felt like we were miles away for weeks and weeks! Hubby's crew did really well and made the finals of the Aussies. They came in sixth in the end but it was a HUGE achievement for them to make the final regardless and compete in the top group. I am incredibly proud and Little Man and I were so excited to be there and support Hubby.

After all that excitement we headed to Noosa for three nights. It just fabulous. A really decent break and it was so great to see my boys playing together and having lots of father and son time. Hubby gave me a really good break with Little Man and I even got to read a book and sunbake on the beach! Amazing. A full holiday recap is coming.

Since then we have completely packed up the little house, settled on it and moved in with my parents. We are so thankful to have them and their open arms to go to inbetween houses. We still haven't found a house but are looking everyday. A few auctions are on the horizon, one for a house we really love so keep your fingers crossed for us!

Until then I'll leave you with this one..

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