Friday, 10 May 2013

My temporary workspace, prettied up!

We have been living here at my parents for two weeks now, and can I just say how thankful we are to have somewhere so comfortable and supportive to live whilst we are house hunting. The hunt is getting to me a bit at the moment, Sydney is SUCH a competitive market and there aren't a lot of houses in our price bracket. Get ready for us to find a house that needs LOTS of love, which means LOTS of projects!

Anyway, whilst we are here I have a corner of our room that is acting as my workspace which is really lovely, but has been in total disarray and crazy until this weekend. I love having art, prints, mirrors and especially photos up on the wall and it is no different here. To make the space more comfortable and pretty this is what I got up to.

Here is the print if you like it! It's 5x7 :)

xx Tess

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