Saturday, 18 May 2013

Insta-Update: May so far...

From top left..

I needed a change jar to corral the loose change my hubby keeps putting in my purse, which then makes my purse heavy and I just don't like it. I know, first world problem right? Well, I spied an empty spaghetti sauce jar in my reach, cleaned it (duh, no one wants smelly change!) and wrapped some washi tape around it and some raffia ribbon. Pretty right? Love it!

We had some special visitors to the house this week care of a friend of mine who is a primary school teacher. Her class are doing a special topic about animals and had some eggs that hatched into chicks! Since they had to be looked after over the weekend she brought them over when we had dinner and we spent the whole night playing with them (and cleaning up after them). Little Man LOVED them! He kept saying 'bird, bird, bird'.

I love this family shot of the three of us. We took it in Noosa three weeks ago and it pretty much sums up Little Man right now. IE, no Mama I won't look at the camera and Oooo... there is a tree! Yay! I still love it and love my boys to smitereeeeeens!

This is Little Man and his lovely friends in the park. That's his girlfriend G on the right. She has so much spunk, I just know she's gonna rule the playground when she's bigger. Her mama happens to be one of my closest friends and we have known each other for exactly a year! 

Little Man and I did a spot of (window) shopping this week at Bed Bath and Table and found these gorgeous items. The temple jars have my name all over them and I think I'll go back this week to snag one... do di do di do...

Then stopped for coffee and baby cino. The boy loves his baby cino (and his mama loves her coffee!)

Have you discovered the gorgeous A Beautiful Mess app? I have and I freakin love it! Snag it HERE through the lovely girl's website. Whilst you're there, take a lookie around. Seriously gorgeous!

We had a pretty amazing family lunch with Hubby's side of the fam today. We went to Chinadoll on the Wooloomooloo wharf (say that fast five times, go on I dares ya!) and it was amazing. My sis-in-law and I created a banquet for the family from the menu and everyone loved it. The food is amazing, to die for and I already want to go back. This champagne cocktail was made accidentally for someone so our nice waiter thought I would like it. It was delish! Thanks nice waiter. PS how gorgeous is my sis-in-law at 6 and a bit months pregnant with my niece or nephew? We spent ages planning her baby shower last week. I'm so excited to share more with you later!

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