Friday, 28 October 2011

One day upon arrival...

Trawling through Etsy there are loads of gorgeous birth announcements avaliable. I love looking for ideas for the announcement of our little man. My gorgeous brother will ultimately design the announcement (in four+ months time!) but in the meantime these are some of my favourites...

Etsy Nursery finds #1....

I love Etsy and am looking for some gorgeous prints for our little one's room. The room theme will be baby blue, mint, grey and white. Here are a few I've found so far...

This one in light blue for his door...

xx T

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Stripes for a little man...

A few things I picked up for our little man...

From Cotton On Kids

Also from Cotton on Kids and the cheeky monkey from Bonza Brats

Left from Gaia (at Bonza Brats) and right from Country Road kids

Love shopping for my wee little man!

Pink or blue...

We had our 19/20 week scan this week and it was amazing seeing our bubbie again on the 'big screen'. It was a quiet little bub, playing with its hands, hiding behind its hands on the screen, holding one of its feet (happy baby pose! Yoga baby already) and just looking pretty darn cute. We are totally smitten with our little one and I didn't want to leave the scan room, I just wanted to see more and more of bub.

We decided to find out the gender of our little bub for a few reasons. The decision took a good couple of weeks to make...

We want to prepare the nursery for our baby. Their room should be really 'theirs' and gender neutral, bland shades and themes just don't encourage us at all! 

It will be a surprise at 20 weeks almost just as much as it will at 40 weeks. With the added bonus of discovering in a nice quiet way, that is just us and our invitro baby rather than a birthing suite full of people, nurses and doctors with lots of movement and hub-bub! Also, should something need to be attended to straight after the birth we will already know the gender so we won't be missing that big discovery of information whilst we will be more interested in her/him being healthy and safe!

We can sort through the hundreds of little onesies and clothes we have been given! Our very close family friends have handed down to us loads and loads of beautiful clothing for bub both girl and boy and it will be helpful to know which ones to keep and wash for use and which ones to store.

To mentally prepare for whatever we are having! Over the last few weeks my hubby and I have really geared up for a girl for whatever reason. I think the idea just got into our heads and we’ve been thinking that way. Finding out the gender would mean that we could gear our thinking towards having a boy or having a girl and have ourselves prepared.

So, this brings us back to Friday afternoon in the scan room. We gave the sonographer a cute card and envelope and asked her to avoid showing us the gender on the screen and write it on the card, seal the envelope and we would open it at or after dinner. Which she did!

We walked down to Queens Park Pizza and had a yummy, quick dinner surrounded by kids and families then wandered back home to open our card…

Here is the big news we were greeted with!

Drumroll please...

We are having a BOY! We are so thrilled and I cannot wait to meet our little man in March. A little Donohue boy. Over the moon!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

So... we did some shopping this weekend...

A local babystore has had a BIG sale this weekend, so we decided to go and put our cot and drawers/changer on layby (so that they can store it, not us). We decided on a cot and drawers a while ago, we got the Boori classic cot bed and the Boori 4 drawers both in white. We will get the changer pelmet for the drawers but it wasn't on special. As a bonus, we were able to get the tidy drawer that goes under the cot for free as part of their sale! Yay!

I also did a bit of 'maternity' shopping as I'm quickly growing out of things at the moment!

Fitness clothes

 And some bump-covering-clothes!

 Boring maybe, but I'm excited to get them!


Friday, 7 October 2011

Little one's nursery... stage one

My wonderful parents came over this past week and helped me to re-arrange, clean, move, tidy, clean, clean, clean (read: nesting?) our two storey, two bedroom townhouse. We have completely re-arranged our downstairs, open-plan living space and it is now spacious and open with room for all our bits and bobs as well as a playmat and toys for our little one! More about that later and photos to come..

The other room change we did was our 'study' is now on its way to becoming a 'nursery' for our little one. We have changed shelving, purchased a new desk (chair still to come) and cleaned the entire room - save for the hanging part of the wardrobe. Almost ready for baby furntiure when it comes!

Photos do more talking.. here they are...

 Our 'spare bed' will go, but the cute tee and the onesie are for a girlfriend's little boy! This is the space where our cot will go.

Study/work corner and shelving (made by my dad!). This area won't change as we need to keep our work desk and filing (white boxes)! I'm just waiting on the new white chair to match the desk.


Nursery night lights that are hanging from the white shelving.

Little bookshelves partially filled with books, the basket has all the little clothes I've bought so far.. shh! Don't tell my hubby!

 First pic of our bub! I saw this idea on another blog and loved it, I think it is so special to have a pic of bub and we love to look at it! Amazing to think that in five short months we will have a little person!

That's it so far! More to come, plus the 'before' shots!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Now the waiting game...

Waiting, waiting, waiting..

Waiting for our bub to arrive - we're 17 weeks today! Go bubba Donohue. We cannot wait to meet you next March and we are slowly getting things prepared for you. We investigated the 'Baby and Toddler Expo' on the weekend to be met by an overwhelming range of baby/toddler products. Unfortunately we wanted to compare the Bugaboo Chameleon to the Mountain Buggy Swift (prams are at the top of my concern!) but MB were not on hand with a demo model. We did manage to have a go of collapsing and setting up the Bugaboo Chameleon and we also had a look at their new model, the Donkey. I am quite keen on the Bugaboo option as the majority of our use will be sidewalk and shopping centre use. I want the bub to be as comfortable as possible and I love the option of having him or her face me or face the world.

Secondly, I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of our newly completed Blurb book. It is all the gorgeous photos from our wedding including the hilarious photobooth photos our guests took. It should be here by October 18th but here is a sneak peek!

p.s. Blurb has a 20% off deal running at the moment - enter 20OFFBLURB at the checkout :)