Friday, 7 October 2011

Little one's nursery... stage one

My wonderful parents came over this past week and helped me to re-arrange, clean, move, tidy, clean, clean, clean (read: nesting?) our two storey, two bedroom townhouse. We have completely re-arranged our downstairs, open-plan living space and it is now spacious and open with room for all our bits and bobs as well as a playmat and toys for our little one! More about that later and photos to come..

The other room change we did was our 'study' is now on its way to becoming a 'nursery' for our little one. We have changed shelving, purchased a new desk (chair still to come) and cleaned the entire room - save for the hanging part of the wardrobe. Almost ready for baby furntiure when it comes!

Photos do more talking.. here they are...

 Our 'spare bed' will go, but the cute tee and the onesie are for a girlfriend's little boy! This is the space where our cot will go.

Study/work corner and shelving (made by my dad!). This area won't change as we need to keep our work desk and filing (white boxes)! I'm just waiting on the new white chair to match the desk.


Nursery night lights that are hanging from the white shelving.

Little bookshelves partially filled with books, the basket has all the little clothes I've bought so far.. shh! Don't tell my hubby!

 First pic of our bub! I saw this idea on another blog and loved it, I think it is so special to have a pic of bub and we love to look at it! Amazing to think that in five short months we will have a little person!

That's it so far! More to come, plus the 'before' shots!

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