Saturday, 22 October 2011

Pink or blue...

We had our 19/20 week scan this week and it was amazing seeing our bubbie again on the 'big screen'. It was a quiet little bub, playing with its hands, hiding behind its hands on the screen, holding one of its feet (happy baby pose! Yoga baby already) and just looking pretty darn cute. We are totally smitten with our little one and I didn't want to leave the scan room, I just wanted to see more and more of bub.

We decided to find out the gender of our little bub for a few reasons. The decision took a good couple of weeks to make...

We want to prepare the nursery for our baby. Their room should be really 'theirs' and gender neutral, bland shades and themes just don't encourage us at all! 

It will be a surprise at 20 weeks almost just as much as it will at 40 weeks. With the added bonus of discovering in a nice quiet way, that is just us and our invitro baby rather than a birthing suite full of people, nurses and doctors with lots of movement and hub-bub! Also, should something need to be attended to straight after the birth we will already know the gender so we won't be missing that big discovery of information whilst we will be more interested in her/him being healthy and safe!

We can sort through the hundreds of little onesies and clothes we have been given! Our very close family friends have handed down to us loads and loads of beautiful clothing for bub both girl and boy and it will be helpful to know which ones to keep and wash for use and which ones to store.

To mentally prepare for whatever we are having! Over the last few weeks my hubby and I have really geared up for a girl for whatever reason. I think the idea just got into our heads and we’ve been thinking that way. Finding out the gender would mean that we could gear our thinking towards having a boy or having a girl and have ourselves prepared.

So, this brings us back to Friday afternoon in the scan room. We gave the sonographer a cute card and envelope and asked her to avoid showing us the gender on the screen and write it on the card, seal the envelope and we would open it at or after dinner. Which she did!

We walked down to Queens Park Pizza and had a yummy, quick dinner surrounded by kids and families then wandered back home to open our card…

Here is the big news we were greeted with!

Drumroll please...

We are having a BOY! We are so thrilled and I cannot wait to meet our little man in March. A little Donohue boy. Over the moon!

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