Sunday, 5 May 2013

Gathering inspiration...

I've been gathering inspiration for our new house. Over on Pinterest and various fabulous blogs I am quickly developing a portfolio for my 'Casual but elegant, beach house vibe'. Well at least I know what I mean and more importantly, Hubby likes it!

I found these recently on House of Turquoise and LOVE everything about the styling of these houses. House of Turquoise is one of my favourite, favourite blogs and I check it every day, and I think you should too.

Enjoy! (sources listed beneath pictures)

These first photos are from the 2008 Coastal Living Idea Cottage, I could certainly live in this sweet house!

It would be a great (and easy) idea to make a family sign just like this one with craft shop letters.

Just gorgeous.

This striped table is absolutely gorgeous. I would love to have a 'breakfast nook' and to have a round table mostly white with light turquoise stripes. 

Whale hooks? Yes please!

All sourced from HERE

Tybee Island looks like somewhere I would dream to holiday. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

Love this idea, DIY coming up!

Oh couldn't I sit here and sip my tea and while away the hours...

All pictures and full post found HERE

xx Tess

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