Sunday, 14 April 2013

Pottery Barn, PBK, West Elm & Williams-Sonoma coming to Bondi Junction in MAY!

Dear Australia, we have been missing out.

Big time. 

Our state-side friends have had homewares giant Pottery Barn all to themselves for years. Years I tell you!

Not for long! Come May the home design, food, interior specialist is opening it's very first international store right here in Sydney. More importantly, right here in the Eastern Suburbs. Less than 5km from my (current) doorstep.

I am beyond excited for this opening. Whilst there are fantastic, well reputed Australian furniture and homewares retailers (like Freedom and ... and...) we are seriously lacking in the element of mid-level, well made home retail giants. The small retailers are amazing and you can find the most exquisite pieces. But more often than not these pieces are not made for kidlets, they are pricey (i.e. way out of my budget) and just overall not a good fit. Pottery Barn and West Elm provide home fittings and furniture that are not only made really well, they mesh together with ease, they have a variety of styles and features and they provide the 'whole look' if that is so what you need. You can do a sectional, side table, rug, throw pillows, vases, books, plates, lamps and nibbles (from Williams-Sonoma) that work with perfect synchronicity.

With our impending finding and buying of our new home, Hubby and I have spent a great deal of time collaborating on the 'look' for our new home. Whilst the actual house we buy MAY impact a little on this style, we know what we like. We are not fussy people. We like comfort and sensible style. We are a little on the preppy style (taking the 'clean cut' element) and a lot on the beach side style. It may not make a huge amount of sense to read but our pinterest boards sum it up pretty well! 

Here are a few shots and items I simply love from this homewares giant - these are from West Elm.

Oh my goodness! How beautiful is this wall?

This is pretty much my IDEAL sectional. Space wise, colour wise, comfy-corner wise and arm style wise!

I have a rather enormous love for chevron patterns.

Immediately I love this lighting feature for above the dining table

This gorgeous rug is an outdoor feature rug - would have been perfect in the Little House!

Actually, I'll take the entire room thanks!

A cluster of these vases on my mantel please!

This gorgeous bedding..

My goodness these are just a few. I could seriously post pics all day!

Now, how to wrangle an invite to the opening night...

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xx Tess

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