Wednesday, 3 April 2013

PBB: Post Baby Body and a bit of a wardrobe update...

Pretty soon we will be jetting off to Tugan Beach on the Gold Coast for the Australian Surf Lifesaving Titles where Hubby will compete along with his Surfboat crew for GOLD! Go Hubby!

After the five days at the event we are heading to Noosa for a mini-getaway with Little Man. We love Noosa and have visited several times. It is a gorgeous, beach side town with great food, a beautiful beach and good shopping. We are looking forward to fully relaxing and taking some long walks along the beach.

Twelve months ago I gave birth to our gorgeous boy. Twenty-one months ago my body changed for good.

Oh so little.. oh such a spunk of a bub!

Things are so different with my body! I have worked my butt off (literally, it is shrinking!) to not only shift the baby weight that magically appeared whilst I was pregnant (trip to Europe prior to concieving bub probably didn't help either) but GET FIT! I had a great pregnancy and a complicated but good birth but my fitness after all that was about 1/10 of what it was BB (before bub).

So I worked hard, I kicked butt. I joined other mums at group training in the fight of the baby blubber, I pounded the pavement and I started Body Attack classes (and LOVE them) and I'm winning.

Now I train at least three times a week at the gym or walking and we are eating really 'clean'. These efforts are resulting in my shape changing back to what it used to resemble and I am really loving that part. I still have about 5kg to be where I would like that scale to be, but I'm pretty happy about the current number it is at.

However, there are significant parts of my body that seem to have changed for good.

#1 Widened pelvis - this one is not overly surprising and I probably should have guessed it would happen.

#2 Widened rib cage - this one is significantly surprising! Hello baby, stay out of Mama's rib cage!

#3 C-section scar 'crease' - I guess this one isn't really surprising but it's not very nice.

Believe me, I can live with these things. I have a healthy little boy who arrived in to this world and we love him more than anything. Plus Not there is not much I can do much about them and they honestly don't worry me. What worries me is the lack of clothing I have that I love and feel comfortable in.

So, some new clothes are/were needed.

I have purchased these AMAZING jeans

They are by DL1961 and are called 'Angel Jeans' in Mariner wash.

Yes they are Angel jeans! They claim to have 4 way stretch and I can attest to that! They are so super comfortable it is amazing. Great stretch, a little higher than I used to wear and one size bigger. All things I am happy with and in fact love.

Only one size bigger? That is great news.

People ask me all the time how I can buy clothes online without first trying them on. I took a punt initially in determining size because up until a few years ago there wasn't a lot of US branded jeans available here in little old Australia. Now you could go instore to David Jones or Myer and try on the jeans you want, then head online to search for the best price. Simple.

I love Old Navy. Their classic, basic style of clothing is generally well made and super baby/kid/work friendly. I'm going to see what I can find in the way of dresses and tops to do beach/day/night combinations with my new jeans, some coloured jeans and shorts and skirts I already have.

 Come back tomorrow to see what I snagged.

** All opinions are 100% my own, always. This post is NOT sponsored by Old Navy, Revolve Clothing, DL1961 or anyone else :) Thanks!

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