Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Hello little lady!

I found this little lady by the side of the road this morning and picked her up and brought her home. An hour later a garbage truck came past and picked up the rest of the dumped furniture on the side of the road.

A small part of me regrets checking the remaining pieces properly. (yes, I know I am a scavenger)

A big part of me is pleased as punch this little lady came home with us.

She is almost immaculate (but we won't hold a little chip against her).

A simple shelf and beautifully detailed top with sweet little corners and lovely long legs. Made from solid, solid timber. They don't make em like this anymore!

Look at the corners! So beautiful!

Excuse the ikea basket from the baby's room and the minimal bits and pieces... I've packed most of the decor items in this house. Yes, we are a very naked house at the moment. No photos, no paintings, no vases, no ceramic animals...

Side table inspiration...

Should I paint her like this one?

I'd like a basket to fill the shelf, or perhaps a wire basket like this one?

I like this one from Shanty to Chic

I could paint it gold. Then again, maybe not but I quite like this one!

Boxes or basket on the floor then books and details on the shelf! Winner!

I don't think I can paint her just yet, but perhaps once we move home and have our new furniture she may just get a makeover!

xx T

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