Saturday, 3 August 2013

Bargain hunting!

A few weeks ago our local cut price retailer, the Reject shop had these fab butlers table for $25! Of course I had to snag one. I've been wanting a butlers table for AGES but they're quite expensive for an item that, especially not currently having a house, I didn't necessarily need! When I found I could snag one for next to nix, I jumped at the chance. The tray is removable and everything!

I styled it up with my Mercury Mason Jar from Pottery Barn and Jute String Ball from Sirocco Homewares. Two decor items I absolutely adore. 
Oh, and the photo of my little man when he was 5 months old with Hubby. Little Man was such a little chubba!

I used it a few weeks ago for my Sister in Law's baby shower. We had the 'Wear Your Guess' tags set up on the table. There will be a full post about the baby shower ASAP! I'm just catching up with myself at the moment after starting back at work this term.

There were also these two sweet signs I nabbed for all of $2 and $5 each! 

After doing some not-so-fun running around errands (bank, doctor, returning stuff to target) I popped in again and snagged the white one of these fabulous ceramic garden stools. They didn't have the light turquoise ones when I was there but I would have grabbed one of them too. Considering the other ceramic stools I've seen around at upwards of $230 I am incredibly happy with these! I will have to either grab another white one or consider the teal... hmm...

(This is a screen shot from their catalogue as mine is already in storage! I can't wait to put it to use in our future home!)

Love these bargains! Have you seen any major bargains recently?
xx Tess

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