Friday, 23 August 2013

F I V E on Friday

Hey! Happy Friday! For us this means daddy comes home early (6pm as opposed to after 7pm) and we do baked fish and sweet potato fries for dinner. Simple things you know!

It also means a link up with Darci from The Good Life blog and filling you in on my Five on Friday.
So here goes!

::ONE:: Be Brave print from Charmandgumption on Etsy

I am loving this for Little Man's room. Out of everything I want him to grow up brave. Brave to face the challenges that are laid ahead for him. Brave to face listen to his heart and his message to make the right decisions for him. Brave to cope with sadness, to relish happiness and to love deeply. Be brave my Little Man.

::TWO:: Painting...

I am getting my groove on with painting some rescued pieces of furniture and I am really loving it! Stealing that time away to crank some music (pandora normall on the Train station! Love that band!) and prep, prime and paint. Yep loving it!

::THREE:: $6 tank tops from Big W!

Big W is a discount department store here in Australia and they have an in-house brand called Emerson. I am really loving their cheap as, $6 tank tops! They're 100% cotton, easy fit, have a false pocket complete with small button and are a really good length. I can't find them online at the moment but I will do some outfit shots later. These will EASILY become my summer staple this year, I can tell. I picked up white, black, grey, white with thin black stripe, navy, navy with white polkadot (I got two I like them so much) and yellow! I know it sounds like quite a few but I have had tanks in the past that I regret not taking more of... I am thinking of grabbing a few of the white ones and doing some embellishment and diy dye jobs on. We shall see!


We found a gorgeous house this past week that I just LOVE (and Little Man loves it too!). I took a walk through with my parents during the week and will take Hubby through tomorrow. They have called a 'dutch auction' for next thursday. This essentially means that you have to have your one and final offer on the table of the Real Estate agent by 5pm that day. Meaning the winning owner will know at 5.10pm if they've got the house. I am trying extremely hard not to fall in love and get emotionally involved in the house but it is hard. We have been hit so many times in this house hunt with pure disappointment. Please cross your fingers and keep us in your thoughts and prayers that this is the home for us and our nest to grow our family.


Style by Emily Henderson - loving this blog and have been stalking it all week! Especially the work she did with Country Living Magazine (US) for the House of the Year particularly this drool-worthy living room! LOVE!

That's my Five on Friday. 

Head over to The Good Life Blog for more and the link party! 

What are your Five on Friday?


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