Friday, 23 August 2013

Little Man :: 17 Months

Oh my goodness! Time is just flying by me. I cannot believe that my Little Man is 17 months old! Almost one and a half. I just love being his mama and I think I appreciate our time together so much more now that I am at work. Our Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are loads of fun, action packed and crazy busy, but I also make a conscious effort to have down time, play at the park and just hang out with my little dude.

He is making changes everyday and learning new words all the time. He has just started stringing three words together and can say 'More please mummy' and 'help me please' which is so good.

Words:: mummy, daddy, baby, home, car, Dec, Steph, Buddah, Gaz, Nan, Pop, Granma, Granpa, Linda, Izzy, Bob, please, ta, ball, truck, digger, pram, trolley, truck.... I could go on but there are just so many now! He understands pretty much everything he is asked too, but doesn't always go along with what we are asking (like all toddlers). We have certainly seen some "acts of difiance" but no real tantrums (yet!).

Food :: everyting! Espeically what Mummy is eating (or other people, even randoms in the street....)

Loves :: diggers, trucks, cranes, kicking the ball around the park/garden, climbing on EVERYTHING! Walking independently and not wanting to hold hands.

So Little Man, you are growing so super fast and developing more everyday. You have a very happy, cheeky and independent personality and we love you for every part of it. Your cuddles are super sweet and sometimes you just want to have mummy and daddy and you cling on like a little bear. I keep telling people how much I am loving this stage, but honestly I have loved every stage. You are the apple of our eyes, and you are so so loved!

In other baby news...

This is my ridiculously gorgeous, super cute and divine baby niece! She is just perfect and arrived on Wednesday night. She and her mama are both doing really well and our whole family is so in love.


Little Man (left) @20 hours old and his sweet little cousin @16 hours old! 

Yes, there is a super strong family resemblance but she really looks like a little lady (as opposed to my big boy there on the left.. he sure had a heap of hair and still does!).

So so so beautiful! I am an auntie!


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