Thursday, 25 July 2013

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! A prince has been born!

It's a BOY! A little prince! 

How exciting for Catherine and Will for the safe arrival of their sweet little boy. Nothing is more special than the arrival of a wee little bundle of joy. 

Seeing the baby cradled in his mummy's arms on the steps of the hospital a short day after his arrival reminded me of the day we brought little man home. Seeing that shot and how carefully Catherine handed him over to Will, really brought home that they are just another new mummy and daddy who, just like the rest of us, have no idea what to do with that small person! Just imagine how much the three of them are going to learn over the next few months (weeks, years, lifetime!) and how their life will have to adjust. Clearly as part of the royal family they will have a slightly different access to help, specialists and pretty much anything that money can buy for their little guy. But just like the rest of us, they know that all he needs are safe arms and lots of love.

Due to the time difference (here in Sydney, Australia) we heard of the little guy's arrival at 5.30 am. For the whole day on Tuesday I was wondering how her first night as mum was going. How much sleep did she get? How was the feeding going? Did the little boy settle overnight for some rest. I bet she hardly slept, and I know she would have spent hours just gazing at that little man just as I did on that first night with my Little Man. 

My family are royalist from way back. My gorgeous Gran, who passed away late last year at the grand age of 103, LOVED everything to do with the Royal family. Everything that happened with the family and most conversations with her would include her opinion on the events or in the least the Queens latest outfit! When Hubby and I took our honeymoon to Europe we saw Buckingham Palace and toured the Mews and saw Kensington Palace. They are seriously gorgeous buildings and I found it so amazing that they are the home for the Royal Family. Now they are home for this sweet little boy. 

My hope is that the media leave them alone enough to learn how to become parents, enjoy their sweet boy's first days and settle into their new jobs. Pfft! Duke and Duchess no longer, mummy and daddy forever! The most important job of all.

Thanks to the fabulous Jodie Vickers Pinterest page for the photos! Fully sourced and referenced below. 

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xx Tess

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  1. I'm hanging out to see baby George again when they've settled down a bit.