Friday, 8 March 2013


Little Man and I took a walk this morning to our local fruit shop to pick up some groceries. It is a God-send this fruit shop. 2 minute walk from our house and has EVERYTHING you could need at the drop of a hat. Of course you do pay a small premium for the luxury of having it so close to home (and it is competing with the big supermarkets that are really not that far away) but the staff are divine and it has such a friendly, local vibe. Plus, they love Little Man. They make him laugh, pinch his cheeks and are just so doting on him!

This morning we were admiring the lovely tulips in the flower section at the front of the shop when one of the ladies said 'You can't buy them! They'll be gone tomorrow! You have them!' and promptly handed me four bunches of (rather open but totally gorgeous) tulips. I wanted to at least pay for one bunch but she wouldn't hear of it and wrapped them up in plastic and handed them to us. Little Man spent the walk home saying 'OOooo..' and touching the flowers.

Here they are! I added the red and yellow bunch to our dining table/Easter display.

Everyone has Cadbury eggs in their Easter displays right? So so good, this jar was not only full but the lid did not fit on when I started. Strangely the number of eggs has started to dwindle...

I love our cute little chickens and the rooster from the dollar store.

Hubby's birthday cards (well two that I remembered to save!). I gave him the one one the left, it reads 'You are the bees knees (Bees have amazing knees)'. The other is from the Little Man, he has amazingly good handwriting for 11.5 months old!

Just another Cadbury eggs shot for you all...

The white bunches I put in one of our (thousands of) wedding vases and popped it on top of the toy storage/drop zone - more on that tomorrow!

Note my new Ikea plant in sweet little silver bucket? Its not real but looks quite good. The biggest plus for this one? I. Can't. Kill. It. Black thumbs here people!

Fake Plant

Real lovely Tulips

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