Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Hey Mackelmore! Thrift shop score!

Let me start by saying, I love thrift shopping and have done since I was a wee one. Not the freaky sifting through other people's stuff but the 'One man's trash is another man (mine) treasure'...

I also love Young House Love. Seriously this family is not only the cutest on the block but the most resourceful, inspirational, DIY-ing family EVER! So love them! They did a supercool Thrift Shop Challenge a little while ago that I fully intended to do, but one Little Man and one house needing to be sold kinda got in the way! Ugh!

BTW - if you don't follow these fabulous folk, get on the bandwagon because they are amazing, and not only is their blog awesome but they have the 'book of the moment' (its a NY Times Bestseller dude!) YHL Book

So this morning, Little Man and I were having a morning coffee (pre-morning sleep) at one of our fave local hangouts with a lovely mama friend and her toddler and sweet-as-pie 12 day old beauty babe, and we decided to swing past the St Vincent's Op Shop on the way home.

We. Totally. Scored!

Being a bit of an OCD organising nut these items and knowing that in our new place I'm going to need some more bits and bobs to keep everything 'in its place', these are perfect. Without further ado...

I love that these locker bins have name plates on the front so I can label them...

I'm thinking I really need to get a Silhouette so I can label this baby properly... Christmas present anyone?

So there you go! I'll let ya'll know what I do with them when we find/move/live in our new place!

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