Friday, 15 March 2013

Little Man is ONE!

Oh my goodness. I have had a few 'moments' this week trying to come to terms with the idea of having a one year old. It seems like only a few months ago he was a teeny, cooing little baby boy. Now he is an almost walking, semi-talking, demanding, full of fun and hilarious Little Man!

Yesterday Hubby took the day off, it was LM's actual birthday. We had breakfast at our favourite local cafe where they gave LM a muffin with a candle! He wasn't really sure what to do but seemed to like it (until he tried to grab the flame?). Then we headed up to my parents where they showered him with gifts and yummy food and a chocolate cake (this time he seemed to love the singing for him!).

I made our sweet little boy a play tent with the help of my dad and will do a full post on it later. We also gave him a few other bits and bobs!

Today is party number one with lovely friends at my parents then tomorrow is a family extravaganza at my in-laws. A busy weekend but a really fun one!

Have a great weekend!

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