Sunday, 2 June 2013

Fab Finds: Vintage/Industrial Letter Rack

There is the sweet little rustic, french inspired homewares store in Fairlight on Sydney's Northern Beaches that I love. It's only about 20 minutes from my parents place so I took a little trip past this week.

My favourite way to wind down and have some me time to to brew some tea, find a sunny spot or fill a warm bath and flick through a house magazine. However, I have a hard time throwing them out! I love flicking through a back issue, but storing them is another thing! So I have been looking for a vintage/industrial looking wall rack for my magazines. Of course I turned to Pinterest for my inspiration....

This first one comes from one of my favourite sellers Down That Little Lane but isn't exactly what I am wanting for this project. I am on the hunt for one of these vintage/retro cane magazine holders on Gumtree.

These following styles where what I was looking for but I couldn't get a hold of them online or they didn't ship to Australia (darn living on a fabulously large Island that noone wants to ship to).

So I took a trip over to Honey Bee Homewares and found this beauty! Snag! I love that it isn't just a magazine rack but can be styled with loads of different bits and pieces.

I absolutely love it! Now we just need to find the right house so I can put it up and use it. If only it was that simple. Cross your fingers for us this weekend, we are off to look at a GREAT house!

xx Tess