Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines Day Craft - Baby hands heart art

We don't 'do' Valentines Day in this house, partly because I believe that love should be celebrated everyday. This doesn't mean I don't love this special little holiday but it does mean that Hubby doesn't have to bring home flowers or chocolates, we get them when we visit markets and do our weekend rounds! And we all know there is enough chocolate in this house to sink a ship.

Anyway, back on task!

I do love Valentines day art. Art that celebrates love and happiness is not only lovely but important. We want Little Man to know that love is celebrated daily and widely in our home.

NB Little Man was wearing an Ikea 'All In One' art smock.

Our Valentines day arrangement 
(We don't have a mantel but fingers crossed we will in the next house. Decorating a dining table just ain't the same...)

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  1. aww! super cute! You should enter your photos from this project into Craftbaby's Hearts Craft Challenge :-)