Sunday, 17 February 2013

Insta-week in review

I love Instagram (grab it here for apple products if you haven't got it). I should make a t-shirt that proclaims that loudly to the world. My kid needs an 'As Seen on Instagram' tee too.

For me it is like Twitter but in photos, short stop journalling the easy way all combined with photography which I also happen to love. So without further ado...

Monday: We were supposed to have a lovely picnic with another mummy and her daughter but it rained so we went to a fab pizza place. Little Man loved the pizza!
Tuesday: Monkeying around at lunch time with sammies (sandwiches).
Wednesday: A much needed 'house hunting break' coffee and a sandwich. Also we made yummy Valentines Day heart cakes of which Little Man sampled too! Seriously this batter tastes amazing!

Thursday: Grocery shopping, should we buy this 5kg tub of Nutella? Yes please (no we didn't). Playtime with friends in the playground, Little Man being taken for a spin on a trike! Also found a lovely 'Beach' sign for a friend moving back to the UK to remind them of the gorgeous Sydney Beach they live opposite.
Friday: No IG friday! Very unusual for me!
Saturday: Our little friend's birthday party! Lots of fun although it rained and turned from a playground party to an apartment party. We spent the afternoon down at Grandma and Grandpa's place playing with Daddy and Uncle Kieran's skateboard was lots of fun.
Sunday: Busy day started off with Surf Club mid year review then off to a gorgeous engagement party for good friends. We finished off the day chilling out at home, it feels like a long time since we've been home all together!

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