Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Little house: gallery walls

One thing that makes me smile as I move around our little house during the day is the gallery wall we have on our staircase. A collection of white frames, from a variety of sources, with pictures of the ones I love, quotes and prints.

The lovely Dana of House Tweaking has just written a great post 9 Tips for creating a unique gallery wall. As we are currently selling our little house and looking for a bigger house, I'm sure I'll be referencing this post as I come to re-create gallery walls in our next place!

Back to our staircase gallery wall... there's a photo of Little Man and my Grandmother (his Great-Grandmother) taken last August when he was five months old and she was 103. 

Yes, one hundred and three years old. 

Seriously she was an amazing woman, at 103 she still had most of her marbles and the day she met Little Man she was happy and loving and just amazing. She passed away not five weeks later. I am so thankful that the last time I saw her was when she met our son and she had a really great day. We recently had a memorial service for her and laid her to rest in the same place as my wonderful Grandfather. Together again at last. The photo of the two of them (when LM was in a big chubba phase!) is so precious to me.

Heres the gallery wall going up our stairs...

That's Gran and Little Man in the bottom left, his birth announcement is right next to it. The ampersand print has our wedding date under the ampersand and was made by Baby Bird and Bub Bub.

This is the mini gallery wall we have in Little Man's room. Just a collection of photos of him from the past year that make me smile. Obviously the photo of the giraffe is not him, that lovely giraffe is from Sharon Montrose and her prints are amazing. We also have Fred the cow on the staircase gallery wall from her collection and we love him. 

The top left photo of him is rather hilarious... he's like 'wah?'

Fred from Sharon Montrose 

Love this photo!

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