Tuesday, 3 January 2012

His little nest..

Thank goodness for these summer school holidays! With just 10 weeks until our little one arrives, I am so thankful for 6 weeks of leave to rest up and get everything ready for his arrival. 

Whilst I have been scouring Etsy for nursery decor I have narrowed down a short list of decor items for his room.

Tree decal

We live in a leafy and green suburb in eastern Sydney and I want a tree decal in his room just like those in the park across the road and around the corner. This is the one we decided on from Smileywalls.

Map of the world

I want a map of the world above his change mat so we can talk about places that Mummy and Daddy have been, and how he can explore the world as he grows. There are a few I quite liked on Etsy but this one won from FinkaStudios

I love you quote

Our beautiful friend Julia and Maid Of Honor at our wedding read 'Guess How Much I Love You' for her wedding speech to us. This quote has stuck and so for Auntie Julz and becuase we really do love our bub this much, this print will go up on the wall from Raw Letter Press (in blue)

Alphabet Love You

Lastly, the teacher in me couldn't let this room come together without having the alphabet somewhere! I love this one from ColorBeeLove and will have it printed in two blues - one light one medium toned.

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