Friday, 18 November 2011

Christmas wish list part one....

I can smell it in the air. Summer. Parties. Warmth. Christmas.

I love this time of year, with a passion. The end of the year with the 'end of year trimmings' makes me happy and excited and loved. Dinners with friends, Kris Kringles, parties with colleagues, classroom parties everything! I love it. I also love browsing blogs and finding fabulous wishlists of lovely things, decorations and Christmassy items and compiling my own. So here is number one!

An Eames moulded plastic rocker... for anywhere in the house. 

The ultimate yummy mummy nappy bag! Every yummy mummy needs a gorgeous nappy bag to tote around the gazillion of items that a bubbie needs. This one is perfect. Loads of pockets for bits and pices, the interior completely zips out for washing and cleaning (the ocd in me LOVES that) and it is super strong, hardy leather. 

Love it!

An il Tutto nappy bag  - Chiara in cream

Beach towels are often too-brightly coloured, too small, too big, too fat to pack in a bag. Then came along the Boathouse Beach Towel. Light weight, soft, large beachtowels designed by two Aussie mum's who know just what we need! I'll have two please - one in sky blue stripe and one in duck egg stripe.


A Cannes-esque beach maxi for brunch by the beach - that will fit over my growing bump!


And a breezy, summery, bright top for the super hot days in Sydney.


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